Why Rent a Hotel When You Can Own a Condo in the Seattle

Canal StationWith work requiring a lot of travel to Seattle, this business traveler decided it was time to have his own place when he and his employees travel to Seattle.  No more hotels! Reaching out to us through our Seattle condo blog, we met up to see if we could be of some help to this busy traveler.

Narrowing in on the neighborhood of Ballard, we kept our eye on inventory coming on in the area. Anytime something matched his initial needs we set out to video the space and send it this buyer’s way so he could give us his thoughts. After several expertly taken videos were sent his way, he chose a great large 920sf 1 bedroom condo in Ballard’s Canal Station condominiums.  Knowing that one of the two buildings that make up Canal Station was in litigation with the developer making obtaining a loan challenging, we only sent him units in the south building where we knew he would have no problem securing his loan. With this buyer out of town, we handled presenting his offer and snagging a lower than asking purchase price, coordinating the inspection, negotiating a few repairs and making sure his out of area signing would work with his international and domestic travel schedule. In a quick 3 weeks, his Seattle condo was ready for his first visit!

Enjoy your new Seattle digs Gene!

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