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``Marco and Loren are professional, organized, extremely competent and patient. My husband and I have extremely high expectations of those we work with Marco and Loren did not disappoint.

Here are a few of specific things that we really appreciated about working with them: their communication was excellent - always thorough, consistent and professional, we never felt any pressure to “hurry up and pick something” no matter how many houses we turned down, they never got flustered by the curveballs we threw them (hey, how about looking in Snoqualmie?!), they are well-connected and had excellent vendor resources (staging, painting, etc.), they really know the Seattle market so we felt good about trusting and relying on their opinions, they were super patient with our two young kids, and, finally, they are just really good, nice people who are fun to be around.

Because Marco and Loren did such a great job, we won’t be moving anytime soon. Whenever we do, though, we will definitely seek them out. And, in the meantime, we will be recommending them to anyone and everyone who needs a great agent.``

Brian and Cheryl Wynne, Buyers and Sellers
``Aside from being a friendly good guy, Marco comes to the table with great knowledge of the Seattle area, an fantastic preparation. After an initial consultation he let us know exactly where the home we were interested in fit among neighborhood homes that had sold recently. Verifying the home's price was appropriate for the area and what other homes were going for.

He also helped us to verify that that what we were buying was what we wanted in terms of mortgage payments etc. He worked extremely well with Cornerstone Lending to get the house closed in right around a month.

Highly recommended.``

Kyle Johnson and Christina Vidauri, Buyers
“He was excited for us, supportive, very knowledgeable, gave great advice, was there when we needed him to be, came to show us houses on his way back from vacation on a Sunday night. Always had a great sense of humor about things. Just overall, he did an awesome job.

I am a first time home buyer and was very nervous. He made the process as painless as possible and always answered questions immediately. He was very available, which I appreciated. The whole experience was great.”

Amy Zachara, Buyer
“We were expecting that it would take months to find a new house and that we would need to do so much more in the process. He really did all the work for us and we found a house after just a few weeks of looking.
He found a house we really loved and then took care of everything for us after we decided to put an offer in. He kept us in the loop, told us what we needed to do, what he was doing, and was a wealth of information on any questions we had. He was also available pretty much any time for questions and checked in on things often (but not too often).”
We really enjoyed having Marco as out agent and are super thankful our friends recommended him”
Jon and Meg Baker, Buyers
``I cannot begin to tell you how happy my husband and I are to have had Marco and Loren as our agents. We love our house and I don’t think we could have gone through with without them. They made buying a home less stressful than we expected. We almost can’t wait to sell/buy our next home just to work with Marco and Loren again!”
Martin and Sheryll Horiuchi, Buyers
“Marco and Loren were very efficient and professional. I especially appreciated their great communication through email. Their response time was always quick and answers were very thorough.
They helped coordinate bids on additional work we wanted to get done on the home before we moved in, and worked with the contractor we selected to get things done on schedule. We were also leaving on vacation shortly after we moved to our new home and our vehicles and plants were going to arrive during the time we were gone. Marco and Loren personally picked up our vehicle and made sure that it arrived safely in our driveway, and arranged to keep our plants watered at the office until we arrive back from vacation. They went above and beyond what we expected and we can’t thank them enough!
They were wonderful agents to work with! We would highly recommend this team!”
Beryl and Elisha Yaghmai, Buyers
``Hi Marco and Loren -- I had been meaning to write you for quite awhile and just got ``re-inspired`` after checking your website and seeing the nice profile of Susan and James and their new home. I’m Susan Dowd’s mother, Mary Raymond, and I went on several home tours with you and Loren and Susan and James last spring. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank both of you for the care and attention you provided -- in the searching, the purchase and the closing of their home. It really is all about location! It was a pretty seamless transition for them from renters to homeowners and they are so happy with their choice -- thanks again; you are a great agent team.``
Mary Raymond, Buyer's family member
``Marco is truly an incredible agent!!!! Not one detail was missed and we always felt comfortable every step of the way. He was confident and able to get us the best offer for our home. Don't purchase or sell a home in Seattle without him!!!``
Kristina Ermers, Seller and Buyer
“I was a first time home buyer, so I wasn’t sure what to really expect. Marco and Loren helped explain the various steps of the process, so I knew exactly what was going on at all times. I was pleasantly surprised that they let me take as much initiative as I felt comfortable with. Marco and Loren did a fantastic job. I will use them again in the future!”
Chris DayMartin, Buyer
“Marco and Loren are a great team and are always available to answer any questions that come up in the process. Actually, they are so thorough that they anticipated most of our questions and answered them ahead of time. Marco and Loren made the process easy and enjoyable.”
Jen Jimenez, Buyer
“He was excellent. Went above and beyond at every instance. He constantly exceeded my expectations. Arranged for contractors and inspectors, had great suggestions for staging, kept me informed at every stage.”
Leslie Clark, Seller
I have bought and sold quite a few pieces of property and have had great people to work with in those transactions. Even so, I have never seen the level of service provided by Marco and his team. What a great job- start to finish! Marco is extremely efficient and keeps you well informed.”
Barry Pardue, Seller
“They were excellent. Very professional. Very personable. He consistently beat our expectations on most all tasks. Marco and Loren were great. If they get bonuses they should get a good one”
Ben Broussard, Seller
“Marco’s knowledge of the market is evident in the fact that we received an offer on our townhouse in three days. His materials (comparables, cost breakdowns, etc.) are very professional. Marco and Loren are a great team. They were in constant contact with my wife and I throughout the process. They are both so easy to talk to and will break complicated things down for easier understanding. I feel like my wife and I made some friends in Marco and Loren.”
Adam and Jenna Schmidtman, Sellers
“Marco’s was very knowledgeable, prompt and professional. He offered to do a mock up offer to help prepare us for when we were ready to write one yup. He was available at all hours of the day to show us properties and answer all of our questions.”
Lindsay Spector, Buyer
“Marco has been my agent through multiple transactions and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. He goes above and beyond when it comes to client service and I couldn’t be happier with the way things were handled and how they worked out.”
Steve Kelly, Seller
``Thank you so much for this amazing summary. An annual review is a great resource for a property owner, and I've never had a realtor provide such a great and useful update. You set the bar very high for your peers and I would be happy to recommend you to any potential prospects.Thank you again!!``
Renate Elhardt, Buyer
“Thanks so much again for all your help and wonderful service you offered us. You will forever be our real estate agents and we recommend you to anyone that’s looking to buy/sell.”
Kathryn Garberich & Ozzy Zamudio, Sellers
“I thought buying my first home would be difficult and full of unknowns, but the Kronens' made it so easy!”
Noele Weed, Buyer
``Thank you for making this transaction so smooth and easy! We hope to do many more deals with you in the future!``
Roselyn, Realtor
``It was great to work with Marco and his team, I was very impressed with the organization, professionalism, and savvy exhibited in this transaction. I think I have a pretty good feel for their niche, and would not hesitate to refer my clients to your group.``
Dale McClaran, Lender with Legacy Group
“You and Loren have been nothing but a joy to work with and your professionalism should be industry standard!”
Bob, Realtor
``Marco, I simply wanted to tell you that I have never seen such a clean transaction in 20 years of mortgage lending! Thank you and your assistant for making my life so easy!! Your transaction sheet should be made into a template for all to use. I look forward to a smooth closing. My compliments to you!!``
Rita Reeve, Lender with Guild Mortgage


``You have done an extraordinary job in representing our property! We have bought and sold eight properties in our lifetime and have to admit that your work was the best at representing us as the seller. A friend of mine who had a $3,100,000 house on the market thought that your presentation far surpassed her marketing team's effort.``
Al Tanabe, Seller
``Wow!!! Marco and Loren, you have no idea how much easier this all is than the last time I went through this (and it all fell apart the day before closing)!!!! Thanks very much. I can't tell you what it means to me to have YOU in MY corner.
Again, thanks for everything, and to quote the great David J. Matthews, you're 'The Best of What's Around``.
Gaylin Laughlin, Buyer
``We just moved to Seattle from Alaska and Marco and Loren made purchasing a downtown condo easy. They kept us informed and responded quickly to our questions. They went to the condo and took videos and interior measurements since we were not able to see the place in person. They even gave our condo a little extra cleaning before we arrived and the bottle of bubbly was a nice touch.

Marco really knows the downtown condo market. There was another offer on our condo and because of Marco's negotiation experience the seller accepted our offer.

We absolutely recommend Marco if you are looking for a home in downtown Seattle!

Bob and Don, Buyers
“Marco really listened to us! When we described out interest and suggested the buildings we’d like to see, he made all the appropriate appointments. No matter what we asked him to do, he responded promptly and effectively. He always seemed on top of things. Although we were not around in person for much of the negotiation, Marco and Loren made us feel completely confident that professionals were in charge and truly looking out for our interests.
Marco absolutely exceeded our expectations. When we quickly decided that 5th and Madison was the building for us, we were crushed when we learned the unit we bid on was being taken off the market. Marco could have just left it at that and waited for us to come another time. Instead, he aggressively pursued a short-sale possibility and guided us thought the process. We never would have thought that being a second back-up on a short sale would have a chance of success, but Marco thought differently. We have bought a number of houses or condos in various parts of the country from a number of different agents, and we have never before felt so well represented.
Marco and Loren are an amazing team. They followed through with us on every detail (even to getting the locks changed and sending us a set of keys so that we would have them when we made our first visit to the new unit). When we had some questions about the building, Marco quickly pursued answers, including setting up appropriate conference calls to see that our questions were answered. In our estimation, Marco Kronen is truly fine agent, and we felt most fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him. We attribute much of our happy outcome to his capable efforts.”
Hart and Anne Nelson, Buyers
``Like most of you, we moved to Seattle at the drop of a hat. After driving over 6000 miles for residency interviews for my wife, and for a post-doctoral fellowship for myself, the only place I didn't visit alongside my wife was Seattle. Guess where we ended up matching. With residency starting in June, I had 4 days available in May 2009 to find us a place to live and find myself a job.

Marco picked me up from my first set of interviews in the typical Seattle rain. We went to a nearby coffee shop, where I re-caffeinated and braced for a long evening of condo hunting. My wife and I were wanting to buy for quite some time, but believed it would be impossible given our residency status and complications that come with being foreign students. Marco reassured me that if we were unable to close on a condo, that we could easily find a place to rent. In my mind’s eye, I didn't want to spend a single dime paying for someone else's mortgage so I wanted to move into my own place in less than one month. To make things a little bit more exciting, my wife did not join me for my 4 day adventure.
Marco introduced me to a mortgage broker, and we sat at yet another coffee shop, and found out I was pre-approved up to 200,000. With Loren and her magical database, we found all the places in the city that could possibly work, and were able to make very clear decisions about what may be appropriate just based on the shear mass of information they were able to collect in a short time. We went around to condos and houses all over the city as Marco drove me back and forth from my interviews. We photographed and made videos to send to my wife, until finally we found the place that was a no-brainer to buy.

When the poop hit the fan and the mortgage brokerage got cold feet about whether they would fund an FHA loan for a foreigner, Marco assured me that it would go through and arranged with the seller of our condo to let us live in the Condo until we were able to close.

We moved to Seattle on May 23rd, met our seller, and moved into our place; although it wasn't really ours. Marco and Loren worked with the mortgage broker to get the deal done. One month later we closed, and I think it was the best thing I've ever done.

Not only would I trust Marco and Loren with helping to buy a home, but they also associate themselves with highly respectable, accomplished colleagues, ranging from mortgage brokers and contractors to financial advisors and accountants. They are a one stop shop for setting up a new life in a new city.

Since purchasing the condo, I've been watching a lot of HGTV, and in retrospect, I think what we did was outrageous. I see these people who take months to find a purchase a condo, and am thankful that I met Marco and Loren. I honestly don't think we would have been able to be where we are without them.``

Greg Block and Claire Fung, Buyers
“I want to reiterate how much I appreciated your help in selling my home. Your professionalism, expertise, and advice on how to market my home coupled with your ability to execute in a timely and efficient matter, has brought my expectations of real estate services to whole new level. Thank you again – it was such a pleasure to work with you and your team!”
Jennifer Hom, Seller
“Marco and Loren Kronen were phenomenal in the selling of our Seattle condo. We moved out of state, and were renting the unit out for 5 years. We finally decided to sell it, but were very concerned at selling the unit in this troubled economy, and had the added stress of attempting to accomplish this from afar.

Right from the start, Marco and Loren put all of our worries at ease. Throughout the whole process we had complete faith and trust in Marco and Loren's abilities. They took care of EVERYTHING for us. From staging, minor repairs, and cosmetic fixes. Their attention to detail and follow up were vital for our situation. They stayed in constant contact with us and offered thoughtful advice on all the situations that arose. They became less of an agent, and more of a trusted advisor.

Their website is another excellent tool that details the foot traffic and feedback from potential buyers.

We highly recommend Marco and Loren as your Seattle home buying/selling solution.”

David and Shannon Woodworth, Sellers
``I have had the pleasure to work with Marco Kronen over the past few months during my relocation from San Francisco. As an Account Executive, for a world wide skin care product, I know when I am working with a professional.

Shortly after arriving in Seattle my husband and I were introduced to Marco. It was a very smooth and timely real estate transaction from the start. His support staff were also very responsive and incredibly organized. They really allowed Marco to spend quality time with us and not bogged down in the paper work it seemed.

Marco was able to determine our needs, and wants in a new home in the Seattle area. He presented several options and neighborhoods for us to consider and helped us make decisions based on facts about the inventory in the market, upcoming trends in the Seattle neighborhoods, and strong comparable data that was easy for us to determine market value for our condominium.

As we continued to work with Marco, we also realized his deeper appreciation and knowledge of Real Estate. He handles his affairs, and other clients with respect and efficiency. When working with some of the new constructions sights we saw his professional but direct demeanor with site sales staff and even site construction supervisors. They respect him and his position.

We especially appreciated his investment opinions, financial savvy, and close network of professional contacts that we also benefit from such as financial planner, and mortgage lender. In fact, Marco is not only our Real Estate Agent; he has become a friend and also an individual that we will be partnering with on future investments in the Seattle area.

I would not hesitate to use Marco on any real estate transaction or project.``

Tracie Lee Paul, Buyer
“I just wanted to thank you guys for everything!!! You are amazing. You’ve made my first time home buying experience a dream!! Thanks for walking me through everything and helping me to find a wonderful home! Thank you!”
Anya Ziomkowski, Buyer
``Thank you so much for all your hard work on the sale of our condo. You made the entire process so much easier and we greatly appreciate all of your efforts! Thank you!``
Juanita and Brian Galloway, Sellers
``Marco has been an invaluable resource that made it possible for us to sell our Condo in just two days. His professionalism and use of experts in staging, photography, filming and marketing generated a lot of excitement early on and allowed us to present our Condo in the best possible way. Simply put Marco goes the extra mile to get the job done right.``
Matt and Monica Shriber, Sellers
“We like to remember how fortunate we were for Marco and I to have had that chance meeting in the hall. You both have been delightful to work with and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know of that is looking for a place on the hill.”
Jeff Thomas, Seller
``Many thanks to your team in doing the great job that you did. As we mentioned, we were very impressed and so glad that you represented us in this transaction. Thank you for a job well done and your professionalism throughout every aspect of the transaction!``
David Miller, Seller
“The service we received was great. Marco was always easy to get a hold of and was in constant contact with us and updating us on the progress of the sale. He listened to our concerns and agreed with a lot of our points and helped walk us through many of the tough questions we had not experienced before.”
Blythe Houtzer, Seller
“I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Marco did fantastic. There was very good communication and they kept me informed through the whole process and I feel they went above and beyond. They exceeded my expectations!”
Lisa Porter, Seller
“The service I received from Marco was excellent. Marco spearheaded the transaction, from sourcing the property to analyzing investment value and cash flow to assisting with negotiations.”
Darren Austin, Buyer
“Marco was in constant communication from the start. From the start he walked me through his strategy and got my input and kept me up to date with everything that occurred during the process. He even checked in with me a week after closing to make sure we were all squared away.
He was even able to find us a buyer before the condo even went on the market. Overall I was just impressed with how much he was working for me and keeping me in the loop.``
Ted Tanabe, Seller
“Marco did an excellent job of listening and figuring out our needs. He was patient and never tried to rush us. He’s clearly an expert in his field and his knowledge of downtown real estate is impressive.”
Chad Pankratz and Carole Hurst, Buyers
``My wife and I recently purchased a condominium in Belltown. Marco Kronen assisted us in the transaction.

Marco demonstrated uncommon care and attention to the details throughout the process. His keen knowledge of finance, local real estate practices, and property values in our neighborhood of interest made Marco a deciding factor in our purchase decision.

I would highly recommend Marco to assist in any real estate marketing project. He is resourceful, attentive to the buyer’s needs, and thoroughly knowledgeable about the Seattle real estate market.``

Mark Paul, Buyer
“Just wanted to say thanks again for the professional and efficient sale of our condo. Thanks for helping us accomplish our goal!”
Ken and Bev Behymer, Sellers
``Rochelle and Josh put their ``two cents`` in about how pleased we all were with your service and your absolutely fabulous and continuous followup to everything along the way, and I ``for sure`` 3rd it or 1st it for that matter. You and Loren are a fabulous team, and rest be assured in the years ahead we will be mentioning your names where we can to send you more business. Meanwhile, our heartfelt thanks for everything. ``
John Wright, Buyer's famliy member
“The whole process has gone super-smoothly because of your friendly, attentive and professional work”.
Jim Lowe, Seller
``I cannot begin to thank you for all the help you have given us over the course of this purchase. As you know, purchasing real estate is not new to me, but, for Josh, that's another thing. You have really helped him tremendously. Needless to say, you are my only recommendation to anyone I know who needs a good agent. That goes without saying. My best to both you and Loren, and I look forward to our paths crossing again.
Rochelle Wright, Buyer's family member
“Thank you all for the wonderful support and making this process easier than I can ever have imagined.”
Shan Zhou, Seller
“The Kronen group was excellent. I would recommend them w/o reservation.``
Herb and Linda Sherburne, Sellers