When Its Time to Buy, You Know- Ballard Condo for a First Time Condo Buyer

Canal StationWe met this buyer through our seattlecondoreview.com blog as he was an avid reader. When it was time to purchase his condo, he knew who to turn to. He reached out and we set up a meeting to get the process started.

Even though he had bought before, it is important to us to go through all of the details of a home or condo purchase as things change over time but also to go over how we work with our buyers as all agents and buying experiences are different. What’s important to us is that our buyers know they are in good hands, are going to be fully informed throughout the process and that our goal is to make the experience the absolute best it can be. After the buyer consultation, this buyer was ready to make the move and buy a condo in Ballard. After listening intently to what he wanted, we were able to nail it on the first tour out! And we were able to get his purchase closed in 2.5 weeks and get him into his new place before the holidays.

Enjoy Ballard and we will surely see you at the Sunday Market Chuck!

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