The Perfect Townhome in Ballard for These First Timers

Ballard TownhomeA referral from a past client, these clients thought the time had come to make their first investment in real estate. However, they were concerned they couldn’t find what they wanted for the price they wanted to spend in their neighborhoods of choice.

Never fear! We are here to help! And help we did. Looking for a single family home from Ballard up through Carkeek Park, we toured our fair share of properties. Some not quite updated enough, some not big enough, some with no parking, some on a busy street…and then we decided to go out on a limb and show these buyers a townhome in a fabulous location close to beautiful Golden Gardens. Updated, clean, parking, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and in a great spot. They weren’t super thrilled about townhomes but once they stepped in this one, they changed their tune.

We wrote it up to ensure the price was right and the terms worked for them. The inspection turned up a couple items that we got taken of and then moved on to a smooth closing. We walked them through every step and made sure they knew what was coming so the process didn’t feel daunting. After attending their signing and making sure they were good to go, they closed on their first place!

Here is what the Buyer’s mom had to say: “I just wanted to thank both of you for the care and attention you provided — in the searching, the purchase and the closing of their home.  It really is all about location!   It was a pretty seamless transition for them from renters to homeowners and they are so happy with their choice — thanks again; you are a great agent team.”  

Hope you guys and your dog are loving being so close to Golden Gardens!

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