The Market Picking Up Means its Finally Time to Sell the Downtown Condo

Elektra MuhlyWe first connected with this seller on our blog 4 years ago in 2011. Having moved across the country, this client was looking to sell her condo. The price analysis we provided at that time wasn’t compelling enough, after the recent recession, to prompt the sale of her condo in Downtown at that time.  Our advice was to be patient and hold on to the condo. She rented it for several more years until this year, when our annual pricing review finally hit the number she was hoping for.

As a furnished rental, this condo didn’t need staging and was in pretty great shape overall. It just needed a spot on marketing plan and the perfect honed in price to garner enough interest to sell fast, which was the seller’s main request. Highlighting the location, walkability to both Downtown and Capitol Hill, playing up the low maintenance lifestyle an efficient Downtown condo affords you was our goal. We sell the lifestyle; because that is what city living is all about! And even without a parking space, this condo flew off the market with multiple offers in 2 days for 111% of the listed price. And it sailed through closing in just 2 weeks.

Enjoy your soon to be retirement Alexandra!

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