Short Sale In Magnolia – worth the wait!

After we sold these clients’ adorable house in Ballard in only 3 days, it was time to hunt for the perfect house to move up into.

Magnolia was their desired location and their needs and wants were specific. After seeing every home in Magnolia from Cape Cods to brick Mid-Century homes in their price range, we still had not found the perfect match. Until one day, while scouring the options, a wonderful Craftsman home popped back on the market. It was a short sale, but we were ready for it.

Meeting at our usual location in Magnolia, the Starbucks, we penned up an offer on the Craftsman. Working closely with the Listing Agent we were able to put together an offer we all thought the bank would take but that was still a steal of a deal for our buyers. And low and behold, the bank accepted our terms. Having educated these clients on the short sale process we were completely prepared when we got the lien holder approval letters. The inspection had already been completed, the loan process started and therefore we were able to close in the 2 1/2 weeks the lien holders gave us to get this done!

Can’t wait to see the house with all your personal touches Tim and Joelle!

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