Selling Downtown Seattle Investment Condo at the Cosmopolitan

CosmoA lender our client’s use regularly and his wife were looking to sell their rental condo in Downtown Seattle. Knowing condos are a specialty of ours, they reached out to get a dialogue started.

When the dialogue began, their renter was still living in the condo so they were just looking to get our opinion on price so they could decide whether now was the right time for them to sell. After our Seller Consultation, they decided the price was right but since the renter was still in place it would be best to hold off.  Often times, trying to sell with a tenant still in the unit is not the best for overall market value, and speed of the sale.  Then, ironically enough, a few weeks after our meeting their tenant let them know she was ready to move out. The timing worked out just perfectly so we started the ball rolling. We lined up the dream team to get the condo got cleaned, carpet cleaning, painting and staging and in less than 2 weeks we put their property live in the marketplace. 3 days and multiple offers later, the property had a cash buyer ready to close in 2 weeks’ time. From start to finish, it was only 1 month. All in a day’s work! Or a month’s work 🙂

“Many thanks to your team in doing the great job that you did. As we mentioned, we were very impressed and so glad that you represented us in this transaction. Thank you for a job well done and your professionalism throughout every aspect of the transaction!” – David, Seller

Thanks for thinking of us David and Roxana!

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