Selling Capitol Hill Investment Condo

Highmark CondoWe first connected with these sellers in 2011 but it turned out not to be the right time to sell for them. When the market caught up and the time became right for them, they reached out to us again to get the discussion started on selling their studio condo investment in Capitol Hill.

Though the studio was large and the finishes beautiful, we felt that with staging it would really shine and showcase the size best. And with fresh paint and some minor repairs it would be a gem! So we coordinated our dream team and they descended on the studio. Once it was prepped and ready to hit the market, we did our research and came up with the right price and set this condo loose on the market. Tons of traffic and lots of interest led this place to sell for asking price and close in a smooth stress free process from offer negotiation, to inspection negotiation through out of state signings.

On the next investment Mike and Mitzi!

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