Selling Cap Hill Condo to Move Up To a Central District House

We helped this buyer purchase a condominium back in 2011 and when it was time for him to sell it and purchase a new home with his girlfriend, he reached back out to us and we got the process rolling!

Central District HouseAfter discussing the pros and cons with this couple about buying first or selling first, they opted to buy their new home first and then list and sell their condo. In this fast paced and competitive market, they were reluctant to sell and then have to wait several months to find and win the right house to move into. So, we set out on the house search first. After scouring all of the options in Capitol Hill, the Central District and Madison Valley we found that all of the houses in this popular part of our city were getting multiple offers. So in order to get our offer accepted, we employed one of our tricks that we use during competitive seller’s markets like this one. We sent our strongest and best offer in ahead of the offer review date and told the sellers to take it or leave it! And they took it! Our buyers were so happy not to have to compete and pay for a pre-inspection and sewer scope on a house they might not even get. It was super!

Betsy Ross Condo
Once they had their new house it was time to tackle their condo sale. We swept in, let them know what items to de-clutter, had the condo painted, prepared our in home marketing materials highlighting all of the amazing features of their beautiful vintage Capitol Hill condo and got it on the market right away. And within two weeks, we had the condo listed on the market, priced to sell, negotiated multiple offers, and closed on the sale over asking price. Plus we negotiated a free rent back for our clients for 2 weeks so they had a place to stay while they were remodeling their new home. Super good outcome!

Enjoy your new house and your new life together Craig and Mylien!

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