Selling a Home as an Estate Executer

North Seattle HouseThis Seller was the executer of his Mother’s estate and was in the process of deciding whether or not to sell her home after she passed away. We were there to lend our council.

The home was just as she left it after many years of living there.  We found floral wallpaper, gold fixtures, and exotic paint colors. He wasn’t sure if it could sell for what the Estate wanted to get for it in its current condition so we prepared two market analyses for him. We prepared one with the home as it was and one with some updating like painting the whole house, new lighting throughout and light refreshing in the bathrooms. After careful consideration and weighing the options he decided to spruce the place up and put it on the market for a higher price. We helped to coordinate the contractors, stager, paint consultant, cleaners and photographer to get this home ready for its debut.

It went live into the market place and 4 days and 3 offers later it went pending! After going through each offer in detail we worked with this seller to help him select the best offer for the Estate. The sale went smoothly and marched along through to closing with constant communication and careful coordination.

We are glad we could help you and the Estate out Barry!

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