Seeking the Perfect Location in Beacon Hill for their First House

Beacon Hill - Groves
Referred to us by their good friends (thanks Michael and Rebecca!), these buyers were looking to buy their first house. They wanted an agent who would be patient with them in their search and understand that they are diligent researchers and only wanted to make the move on a house if it marked all of their check-boxes. We thought that made perfect sense and reassured them we only wanted to them to buy a house they were 100% comfortable with.

Having met up a year earlier in October of 2014, we began the search. It started off in many south end neighborhoods but through touring became narrowed down to a certain section of Beacon Hill. After scouring listed properties and even Zillow Make Me Move properties not yet listed, we just hadn’t found the one. But we never give up! So after 7 months a property came on in the pocket of Beacon Hill they were hoping for. They were ready to move forward, they had found the one. We had our pre-inspection, crafted our offer with an escalation clause, and presented it to the agent. And we got it. It was fabulous.

Enjoy Beacon Hill Apu and Kashina!

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