Renter Moving Out Precipitates Condo Sale in Madison Valley

Madison EastA colleague of a friend of ours, this client was sent our way so we could assist him and his wife with the sale of their rental condo. Having had a baby, they moved into a townhome in the area and rented out their condo in Madison Valley. When their renter reached out and said she was moving, they decided it was time to sell.

The home needed a few little updates to really spruce it up for the market. It is incredible how a little touch up here and there can really make a difference! Staging, carpet cleaning, painting the entire condo and having it professionally cleaned make it spic and span and ready to go! Narrowing in on the right price is important too and after looking at the comparables, we settled on the marketing price that was low enough to get a lot of buyer interest but high enough to maximize profit for the sellers. It only took 2 days to get several offers; it pays to have the condo ready to roll! The offers were presented, the winner selected, the transaction coordinated, and the sale closed all within less than a months’ time.

Cheers to the growing family and the sale of the rental condo Ian and Stella!

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