Ready to Truly Retire Leads to Selling Belltown Rental

Royal CrestHaving used us to purchase their home in 2008, it was finally time to sell off their downtown Seattle condo, which they had been renting out since they moved to their home away from the city while waiting for the right time to sell in the Seattle condo market.

We maintained contact with these clients over the years providing them with market updates and pricing valuations for their Belltown condo as we moved through the fluctuations in the condo market during the recession. With the uptick in the market, they decided it was finally time to sell. And the timing couldn’t have been better. It just so happened that at the same time we were in discussions to sell, their tenants reached out and indicated they wanted to purchase it! Both sides came up with a price and we handled negotiating with the parties to get it to a price where both parties were willing to move forward. We sold this condo off of the market for our clients, which made the whole process easy and smooth for them since they live out of the area. Coordinating all of the details and providing our seller with weekly updates they were informed all of the way through and were happy to get this sold so effortlessly.

Hope retired life is treating you well Tommie and Patrick!

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