Quick Sale on Capitol Hill Condo at the Brix Means Townhome Search is On!

Fremont TownhomeAfter quickly selling their Capitol Hill condo off the market it was time to set out on the great townhome search for these folks!

Many neighborhoods were on the table but the focus really was in the Capitol Hill Madison Valley area. However, what these buyers wanted was in high demand and hard to find. Many townhomes were seen. Many were considered. However, not wanting to compromise on the layout of the townhome (not wanting anything too narrow) and not wanting to push their price point up out of their comfort zone we knew we had to discuss the possibility of leaving the Hill. Having lived in Fremont/Wallingford ourselves, we knew this neighborhood would be a great fit for what these buyers were looking for we just had to get them to see it too! And then we located the perfect townhome right in Fremont and knew it was the one. And so did they when they saw it. Love at first sight!

We wrote up the offer, in competition with several other offers, and secured their dream spot! Then it was all about escorting them through the buying process and explaining the steps and potential lending pitfalls so that we could get them successfully through closing. And that we did.

See you out on the town in Fremont soon Ben and Lindsay!

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