Putting Down Roots by Buying First Home in Central District

CD TownhomeLong time renters, these two decided it was time to dive into the real estate market. To find the right Realtor for them, they turned online. They did searching and researched online ratings and testimonials and landed on us, which feels great to be honest J Reading our past client reviews and all about our experience and expertise, they decided we were the right fit and reached out to start the process.

They were hoping to stay in the city and close to the center of it all, in Downtown, Belltown, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill or the Central District. However, they were open to condos, townhomes and houses. Just looking for something low maintenance with modern finishes we had quite a selection of options to sift through. The day after our buyer consultation, we sent them some options to check out and their it was, the one! They knew it when they saw it, and It was new construction to boot! They immediately went to drive by the cottages, toured them and scouted the neighborhood. They were in love. However, out of 6 cottages, only 1 was left after only 5 days on the market. They had to move fast to snag the final one. We sprang into action getting their offer ready in record time and presented it to the listing agent the very same day. And it was just in the nick of time. Heading out of town only 10 days later, we helped to fast track their closing so they could leave town as homeowners.

Congrats on the new house Eric and Liora and on the Grammy win Eric!! So cool 🙂

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