Playing the Short Sale Waiting Game Pays Off

Harrison CourtThese first time home buyers were referred to us by a professional colleague of ours who knew we would be the right team to lead them through their first condo purchase. We were excited to be on board!

The criterion for this couple was a condo with 2 bedrooms somewhere in the northern neighborhoods of Seattle. With their price point and need for two bedrooms, we focused our search to Northgate, Maple Leaf and Pinehurst where we knew we could make this happen. Our first offer was on a short sale in Northgate and after waiting for the short sale process to progress we found out the lien holder wanted way above what we felt was a reasonable price for the property and the buyers walked away. Even though they loved this place, overpaying is never recommended 🙂

Over the next several months we wrote up 2 more deals that our buyers had to walk away from after we discovered items on Title and with the condo community that were less than ideal for our buyers. But it turns out time was actually on our side because the original short sale condo they offered on and loved was back on the market and this time it was priced at the correct market value so they made their move and got it!  After nine months of looking and 4 offers, they found the perfect place for them! They waited patiently through the short sale process, the lien holder approved the sale and we navigated them through a smooth closing.  Sometimes it pays to wait and we will work with you for as long as it takes to find you your perfect match!

We hope you love the condo as much or more than you did when you first saw it Brent and Rosia!

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