Pinehurst Home Sellers Relocate to Texas

PinehurstWhen our good friend and client sent these sellers our way they just wanted to chat with a real estate agent to get an idea of what home improvement projects would garner the most return when they went to sell. Six months after our initial meeting, a job opportunity presented itself in Texas and they became clients themselves needing to sell their home quick and get out of town.

We made recommendations regarding their home preparation that would help make their home irresistible to buyers. It was a list that included tending to a mossy roof, fencing their yard, painting in the house and the trim on the outside, staging the home among several smaller repairs. These amazing sellers saw the value in sprucing their house up to sell and we tackled the list! After setting up a handful of bids for the various jobs, coordinating the work and following it through to completion we were ready to send in our other professionals – our photographer and videographer! Once that was complete and the house was show ready we launched our marketing campaign and this house was sold after several offers in only 2 days and we were closed less than a month later!

See the before and after photo and the marketing video for yourselves!

Good luck in Texas Ben and Maite, Seattle misses you!

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