Newly Engaged and Looking for Their First Home Together


This super fun couple had just recently gotten engaged and decided it was time to purchase their first home together! That is where we fit into the puzzle.

With their ideal neighborhoods, layout, and price point in mind we hit the city. Each buyer’s situation is different and each home search has different challenges and complications. For these young buyers, the challenge was twofold. Find a home close to the city that met their needs and find a home where the upstairs and basement spaces had tall enough ceilings for this vertically gifted tall couple. With older Seattle homes, many basements have short ceilings and attic remodels leave you with slanted ceilings and those posed a problem. In this case, we previewed almost 3 times as many homes as we showed them, ruling them out for slanted or short ceilings! But challenge is our middle name! And we hit it head on.

When a house in the close in neighborhood of Maple Leaf hit the market with a fully remodeled full height upstairs and updated interiors, we knew it was the one. And they knew too as soon as they stepped inside. With multiple offers, we had to craft the perfect offer that protected our buyers but that the sellers would accept. Marco presented our offer in person to the sellers (the only agent in the multiple offer situation to do so) and we were told that even though we weren’t the higher priced offer, the sellers chose us because of Marco’s presentation, description of the buyers, and the lender they were using (one of very best lenders we recommend!). Yay! The rest was negotiation, coordination and communication, what we do best J So, it went smoothly of course!

Enjoy your beautiful new home Blake and Meghan had a blast working with you guys!

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