Newly Engaged and Looking for North Seattle Condo

Green Lake VistaWhen these two got engaged they decided that they wanted to purchase their first place together. Their colleague, whom we helped with his purchase, referred them to us to help with the condo hunt. Thanks for the referral Brent and Rosia!

After having a thorough buyer consultation, answering questions, explaining the buying process, and helping them locate a great lender, we focused on finding a condo or townhome in one of the north Seattle neighborhoods. Highly popular, Wallingford, Green Lake, Fremont, and Phinney can be fierce when it comes to buyer competition. We began by looking at larger spots farther from the city center and then looked at smaller places closer in. In the end, being closer in seemed more important so we narrowed in to condos. A larger sized condo came on the market in Green Lake right on the Lake, and they decided it was the one. We put in an offer and were able to tie it up. The inspection revealed a few items that needed addressing, so we negotiated hard to get those taken care of for our folks. And with that, we worked seamlessly with their lender and walked them through every step until they were condo owners.

Fun having dinner at the Burgundian with you guys! See you soon Michael and Rebecca!

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