New Low Maintenance Townhome in South Seattle Needed

TownhomeHome Owner
Looking for more space and their first place together, this couple decided it was the right time for them to buy. Friends of ours already, they knew we were the best team for the job.

Desiring to stay in south Seattle, looking for a low maintenance lifestyle and not wanting a condo, we knew a townhome would be the best fit for them. Near to their current apartment was a development of 6 brand new townhomes that were modern, fresh and in the right price range. After touring through all of the options and weighing the pros and cons of each, they landed on the perfect one for them. Layout was right, outlook good, finishes dialed in. Let the negotiations begin! Not wanting to have to purchase their own appliances after buying their first place together and not wanting all of their cash to go to the purchase, we negotiated to get all the appliances included as well as money for their closing costs keeping more cash in their pocket. A spot-on scenario for their needs. With an impending trip and a new renter taking over their lease we worked with their lender to close their sale in less than only three weeks and get them on their way!

Enjoy your brand new home Kyle and Christina!

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