New Baby Means Selling Greenwood Home to Move Closer to Family

Greenwood HomeWith this seller also being A member of our “dream team” of vendors we often recommend to our clients , this sale was bitter sweet. Our go-to electrician and his wife had a newborn and decided it was time to move home and be near their families in Chelan. So we had the task of selling their charming Greenwood home so they could move onto the next phase in their lives.

After seeing their house we put together a game plan. For presentation of the house we decided to have the house fully staged, the huge deck freshly stained, and a list of honey-do items completed so everything was dialed in. Then we set out to promote it. The professional photos and video highlighted the beautiful and unique details of the house as well as the amazing outdoor space to really draw the buyers in. Then we priced the house to encourage multiple offers and launched it into the marketplace. Within 4 days we had 3 offers and within less than a month from the date we listed the home, we were closed at $17,500 more than our marketing price.

We will miss you Tony and Amanda, but enjoy Chelan!

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