Neighbor Referral Leads to Another Condo Sold on Capitol Hill at The Bungalows

Bungalows #AThis Seller was referred to us by a couple who sold their unit with us in the same small 6 unit condominium building. We were able to help those sellers out and when this neighbor called them asking if she should retain our services as well, they had nothing but a glowing review to deliver, of course. So, naturally, we were a perfect fit for this new seller and we began the journey of short selling her condo together.

With two lien holders at notoriously difficult banks on this short sale we thought we were in for a challenging sale but with the help of our trusty short sale co-listing agent, who specializes in negotiating short sales with banks, things went a lot smoother than anticipated! It turns out that the current tenants were interested in purchasing the place and although we received multiple offers, we were able to put together a strong deal with them and begin the short sale negotiation after only 2 days on the market. We received short sale approval after less than 60 days and were closed 30 days after that! Smoother than silk, as always.

Good luck in your new life adventures!

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