Moving Up to Another New Construction Condo at Insignia in Belltown

InsigniaThis buyer came to us via our blog, once he was considering making a purchase at Seattle’s first new construction condominium building development to come out of the ground since the recession, Insignia.

Currently living at the Veer Lofts in South Lake Union, we also prepared a plan to sell when the time came.  After our buyer consultation, we headed over to Insignia’s sales center to check out the project, see which units were still available, find out pricing and get a look at the Contract and the Public Offering Statement. He found a great 2 bedroom condo with a large patio space in his price point and after going through and becoming comfortable with all of the paperwork, it was time to move forward. Writing up a new condo at Insignia during their pre-sale phase in 2013 like this buyer did, it became all about the waiting game since completion was slated for mid-2015. In the meantime, our buyer got a new job out of state, we sold the current condo at Veer Lofts in SLU and prepared an analysis on whether to rent out or sell his Insignia condo once it was finally closed. When the time came, we coordinated his entire purchase for him since he lives out of the state and connected him with a rental company once we decided that was the way to go.

Enjoy the sunny California beach life Darryl and good luck as a landlord!

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