Moving Up from a Condo to a House with a Yard in Victory Heights

HouseThese clients first utilized our buyer services 4 years ago when they moved to Seattle from New Orleans for the wife to complete her family medicine residency at UW. Since then they have added a baby to the family and she has graduated and started her new career. It was time to move-up and purchase their next home!

They decided to keep their condo as an investment rental (great move!) and purchase a house with a little more space and a yard for their son. Because she hadn’t yet started her full time position yet we set them up with a lender who had a Doctor Loan, allowing them to close 60 prior to her start date. With the lending portion handled, we searched from Shoreline to Seattle to find the right place. And of all places, with the help of a co-worker and neighbor we found the house on Zillow with an owner set “Make Me Move Price” .The owners agreed to sell at our offer terms with a longer than normal close as we couldn’t close more than 60 days prior to her job start. Because this home wasn’t listed on the market we made these terms work and it closed smoothly!

Enjoy playing in the yard with Charlie, Greg and Claire!

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