Moving to a Quieter Location for Baby & Good Schools in Edmonds (yes we do houses in Edmonds too!)

Having met these friends at our favorite wine and cheese shop in Seattle, they have been friends for years. When it came time to move out of their home in Shoreline to a larger and more tranquil location, they gave us a call and we started the hunt.

Looking for a property that was not located on a busy street, had a nice sized fenced yard and was slightly larger than their current house, we began looking in neighborhoods from Shoreline up through Edmonds and even on the eastside too. It all came down to the finding the house with the perfect combination of traits that would suit their growing family and 2 big dogs. When we pulled down a private lane to look at one house during our tour, we knew that privacy of this house would be well received. The layout inside was spot on and the yard was a great size and fully fenced, perfect for the dogs and their son to play. So we made our move. We were able to negotiate the price below the marketing price and get closing costs thrown in. We were also able to get the inspection repairs our clients needed to have done to feel comfortable moving forward, completed. After that, it was on to closing!

Enjoy your new house in beautiful Edmonds Jacob and Lisa! We can’t wait for the summer BBQ’s!

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