Mosler Lofts Condo Sale to Move to the Country

MoslerLooking to retire and move out to the country for a quiet simpler life, this couple decided it was time to sell this large loft unit at the Mosler Lofts in Belltown. They followed our condo blog for years and reached out to get the process started.

With Mosler Lofts just settling their lawsuit with their Developer in August, it was the perfect time to put the condo on the market and just what we had been waiting for since our first meeting in June. With these sellers, now living out of the state, we set off to handle all of the listing prep details. Marketing is key to highlighting the bonuses of Downtown/Belltown living and the added amenities you get when living in a particular building. We focused our marketing on just those bonuses to help the buyers understand the benefits of not only the unit they buy but the lifestyle they buy into. The professional photos and video helped to showcase the huge open layout of this NW corner unit condo and together with the neighborhood and amenity marketing, this condo flew off the market in 3 days for full price. Taking the coordination from the offer, to the inspection, and with Escrow and Title, we saw this through to a quick easy closing.

Enjoy the Idaho countryside Erik and Mary!

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