Married Couple Looking for Their First House Together in Ballard

Ballard HouseFriends of friends, and now our friends too!, these buyers had been looking for a home for a while with another ‘shall remain nameless’ real estate firm. They weren’t having any luck in the multiple offer market and our pals told them it was time to reach out to the Kronens’.

We explained to them that using a discount broker and a big bank for lending can weaken your position and limit your ability to win over sellers and their agents when buying a home in multiple offer scenarios. Big banks have a reputation of being tough to work with and are notorious for unexplained closing delays. This doesn’t sit well with sellers and they often pass over offers with big bank approval letters. Using a discount brokerage firm might seem like a great idea on paper with the proposed savings, but sometimes they are not as invested in your purchase because they work with so many clients simultaneously and since, in some cases, the agent might only write up the deal and not be the same agent that actually showed you the house, and that can be a deterrent for the seller to pick that offer as well. Even though they looked for a year for a place and had put in many offers, once they started working with us we had them in a house and closed in just over a month 🙂 In real estate, as in most things in life, working with the right people matters.

Enjoy your great new Ballard house John and Mersine! We were so happy to be a part of it!

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