Magnolia or Bust

These buyers both lived in condos in different parts of our City, one in Capitol Hill and one in Ballard. And although they love those locations, when they decided to move in together they wanted to find a place that was ‘theirs’ in a new part of town,┬áMagnolia.

Having started their search with an agent from a discount brokerage, they became disenfranchised with the slow response times and lack of attention, and when they put an offer in on a home and weren’t told that the Seller could look at more than one offer at a time, which caused them to lose the house, they were done. And that’s where we came in!

We scoured Magnolia for a place that would meet their needs. Having helped a previous client move to that part of town, we had already seen most of the inventory there which helped us move through the potential homes there quickly. They focused in on a newer home with huge deck they could use to enjoy the expansive territorial views. Once we locked in on a property it was negotiation time. We scored enough of a credit that this couple wouldn’t have to bring any money for closings costs to Escrow. From there we guided them through the process step by step to a smooth closing.

Happy days in Magnolia to you!

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