Looking To Own and Not Rent

Queen Anne CondoThis couple was living in a cool apartment in the ever popular South Lake Union neighborhood and loving it but something was missing. They wanted to be home owners. So they reached out to us to guide them through the process.

Looking for an updated condo in or near to their current spot, we went through the possibilities. What they discovered, after our carefully crafted condo tours, was that in order to live in SLU or Belltown in a property that met their aesthetic needs would mean owning a smaller 1 bedroom place where as if they ventured just a bit to the north in Lower Queen Anne, they could score a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom pad. It was decision time. In the end, a strong desire to have a room dedicated to their extensive book and vinyl collections won out! And Lower Queen Anne is was.

We found them a great updated spot close to all of the fun and activity in Lower Queen Anne and still walking distance to SLU, Belltown and Downtown. We negotiated a price that made them smile, a closing timeframe that allowed them no overlap in rent and mortgage payments, and coordinated several contractor and closet professional appointments allowing them to put the finishing personal touches on their new place!

Enjoy your proximity to Easy Street Records Chad and Carole!

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