Looking for Their First Investment Property in Capitol Hill

Jackson CourtMany people who own a primary residence recognize the benefits of owning real estate and often take the next step into real estate investment to grow their portfolio. These clients have been thinking about buying an investment property for a while now but when this off market deal presented itself to us, we knew they would jump all over it.

To pick up a 2 bedroom condo in the ever popular Capitol Hill neighborhood for $200,000 guarantees this property to cash flow! It seemed like the right fit so we brought it to their attention. And they snatched it up. Being currently in the middle of a remodel, we knew a traditional loan wouldn’t work so we negotiated Seller financing to get this deal done. With the offer terms, inspection, and seller financing negotiated we guided them through to closing.

Good luck with your first rental property Darren and Mardee!

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