Looking for a New Start in a New State So Selling Fremont Townhome Was in Order

Fremont TownhouseA neighbor of some good friends, this family was referred to us so we could help them sell their townhome in Fremont. Relocation to a new state for work was on their mind and they knew selling their home was the first step to making this dream a reality.

With two small kids, they decided to move out of their property into temporary housing so that showings would be easier on the family and they wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of it. This meant that they were looking for a quick sale. We set the property prep into fast motion. Staging, check. Painting, check. Cleaning, check. Landscaping, check. Marketing materials in place, check. Live on the market! Several offers came in right away, within the first day on the market and these sellers were thrilled. They selected the best of the offer with our council, which was above list price, and we moved swiftly through the appraisal and lending and on to closing.

New adventures are on the horizon so enjoy every minute Steve and Elain!

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