Green Lake Condo Sold in only 2 weeks!

These Sellers found us through a mail piece they had saved from 2 years prior! They liked what we did for our clients back then and gave us the opportunity to put our expertise to work for them.

So we dolled the place up (that’s slang for “rearranged the condo”), had professional photos taken, loaded the virtual tour, and set our marketing plan in motion. Within 2 weeks we had received an offer. These Seller’s took this all cash offer and we were off to closing! As a second home for these out of town Seller’s, this condo was pristine and the Buyers even wanted their furniture! This deal went smootly from start to finish, in fact, when we contacted the Seller’s before closing to check in they said they almost forgot they were selling their condo becuase we made it so easy and stress free for them.

“Everything has been very professional and very efficient, well done!” – Ken and Bev

Happy clients = a happy real estate team!

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