First Time Parents Want to Become First Time Home Buyers in Northeast Seattle

Wedgwood - Feldman
Two sets of friends had recently purchased their first homes using us, so when they found out they were pregnant and they wanted to buy their first home, they reached out and we got rolling.

Looking to be near the Synagogues in Northeast Seattle, we focused our search in those neighborhoods including Bryant, Meadowbrook, Hawthorne Hills, Wedgwood and Sandpoint. Needing at least 2 bedrooms with the impending birth of their daughter and wanting a yard of some sort, we started touring. After only 2 tours we found a winner. With the multiple offer environment we are in, you have to be prepared as a buyer. Once they both decided this house was worth pursing we scheduled the pre-inspection and sewer scope. We also crafted an offer letter highlighting the pros of our buyers offer, put together a competitive offer package and presented it to the Seller’s Agent. And these buyers only had to put in one offer in this market to get their house!

Congrats on the new baby and the new house Tamar and Sergey!

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