First Time Homebuyers Looking for a Home in North Seattle

North Seattle homeOriginally looking for land to build a home on, these buyers realized that it was too soon to build their dream home and time to get into the market into their first home that would fit the current needs of their family.

The neighborhoods of interest were broad and the needs relatively small. Looking for a single family home south of NE 125th St and north of S Orcas St with at least 2 bedrooms and under $450,000, that was the mission. And we were up for it. We searched high and low, and by that we mean north and south, and saw some great options but none gave these buyers “the feeling”. When setting up buyer tours we always throw an outlier in the group because sometimes a house you never thought would work, just does. It isn’t that we aren’t listening to your needs; it is simply that we have seen many clients buy homes they never thought they would love. It is all about the feeling! And in this case, it was the outlier that caught them! Smaller than they thought they wanted this charming little bungalow caught them warm and fuzzy. So we went for it! We negotiated hard and not only got the price down but got many inspection items taken care of so when closing came, the house was move in ready!

Enjoy your new home in Victory Heights Nathan and Tiffany!

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