First Time Home Buyers Find a Spot In Upper Queen Anne

Queen Anne House
When we first met these first time home buyers a year ago they had their eye on a condo in the fast paced and exciting Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. After going on several tours they realized that the reason they really wanted to move was to get more space so they switched gears and started to focus on purchasing a house instead. So they increased their budget and we went back to the drawing board to create a new custom tailored home search.

The house search was far and wide at first, from Greenwood, to Queen Anne, to Capitol Hill. The challenge here was finding the right single family home, in the best neighborhood within walking distance to shops and restaurants, and in a condition that was livable until updates could be completed down the road. After just missing the chance to write up a bank owned in Queen Anne, and backing out of a sale after realizing the neighborhood wasn’t right, these buyers decided Queen Anne was where they needed to be.

An adorable house popped onto the market only several blocks from the quaint shops of upper Queen Anne and they knew they had to make a move. After the inspection turned up several worrisome items, we successfully negotiated to have them repaired by the Sellers. From there it was smooth sailing!

Can’t wait to see what changes you have made Ty and Marie!

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