First Time Home Buyer Looking for Condo in a Walkable Neighborhood

Fremont CondoLooking to buy her first place, this buyer found us by way of her parent’s real estate agent in Portland Oregon. That agent connected us so we could help this first time home buyer find her perfect spot in the city.

We began the process by learning what was most important, which in this case was location, 2 bedrooms and the ability to have a Great Dane. Then we walked through the process and how it would all go so that everyone knew what to expect and were on the same page before the search began. Then the fun part, getting out and looking! Wanting to be in a very walkable location and close to work downtown, we focused in on Capitol Hill and Fremont. Needing a second bedroom for her clothing design business we ruled out any one bedrooms or any 2 bedrooms that were dark and lacked light and inspiration.  The search wasn’t quick but it was thorough. Sometimes all you need is a little patience. A 2 bedroom condo in Fremont with a yard for the dog, it was the one. We submitted our offer on day 2 but still had to compete in a multiple offer situation. Because we took the extra time to meet up with the Seller’s agent and present in person, we were able to sway the deal our way and we snagged it. We had to garner special permissions from the board to approve her having a Great Dane, which was over the weight restriction in this HOA. Once we pled our case, we were able to get a written exception for our buyer and once we had that in hand we walked her through every step and closed the sale in less than a month.

Can’t wait to meet the Great Dane puppy Alex!

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