First Time Condo Buyers in Capitol Hill

Trace North CondoAfter meeting these clients at a wedding of a mutual friend, they became fast friends. After having a wonderful dinner, they approached the subject of buying real estate with us. They wanted information on the process and the market so they could dip their toes in and see if it was something that was a good decision for them. So we hunkered down and delivered information on the market in general, the condo market, and then drilled down and explained the Capitol Hill condo market so they could have a really good idea of what to expect going in.

After the market education, they decided now was the right time for them to invest in real estate. Narrowing down their search to the west side of Capitol Hill near their current rental we showed them several options to consider. On our 4th tour we threw in a condo out of the area they wanted to focus on, in the fabulous 12th Avenue district. They said they would humor us and check it out but that is was not in the ideal location. Well it turns out we are pretty good at our job as it was the perfect fit for them! Trace North is where they wanted to live.

We crafted an offer that worked for our buyers but that the developer could not turn down and they were on their way to being first time home owners. Taking them step by step through writing the contract, explaining their contingencies, reviewing Title, choosing their loan program, negotiating the inspection and walk-through, explaining their Settlement Statement, coordinating Escrow, and attending their signing appointment we guiding them through the process making it smooth and comfortable for them.

Capitol Hill is amazing; enjoy your new neighborhood Ben and Kasa!

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