Family House in Bothell

This family, after having their second child, felt the need to buy their first house that they would raise their kids in and the search was on.

They came to us with a wide range of neighborhoods and cities that would work but a very specific need for a mother-in-law apartment for their live-in mother and enough bedrooms and bathrooms to fit the whole crew. There were actually several houses that they felt would work well for them but then it all came down to price.

We always say, the clients are the final decision makers, we are only here to help, educate and give you the best and most accurate information to help you make an informed decision. In this case, we wrote up an offer on a house they seemed to love but when the Seller wouldn’t come down to the price we felt, based on research of comparable properties, the house was worth, our buyers let this one go. They were happy to know that even though they loved it, with our education and information, they were able to make the right decision and not overpay. And, as it turns out, it was meant to be! Because the perfect house, much larger, fitting their needs better, in a great school district came around! They were able to get into their first family house with all their needs met and in a house much larger than they ever thought they could get.

Congrats to Jacob and Shana! We can’t wait to see the kids grow up there!

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