Expanding Family Creates Need for Larger Home in Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill - Zerbo

Having their first baby prompted this couple to want to spread out into a bigger space and buy their first home. They wanted to make sure they had a great agent by their side and were connected with us by a colleague.

After hearing their needs, which called for a single family home with some charm, located in a close-in Seattle neighborhood, not needing too much work, with a yard for their little one for under $575,000 we knew we would have fierce competition since that is a very popular price range for single-family homes in Seattle. But we are always up for the challenge! Touring properties helped us narrow the search in. After several months and 2 unsuccessful competing offer attempts, we  remained vigilant and found a house that had some extra special touches making it stand out from the crowd and feel like the one for these folks. We put our boxing gloves on for this one! We got the pre-inspection out of the way, communicated consistently with the Listing Agent, presented our strong offer in person and sealed the deal. The rest of the process was quick and easy since they had a great team in place with us and one of our recommended lenders.

Can’t wait to play bocce at the new house Brit and Nina!

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