Doctors Relocate to Seattle and Timing Was All Important

House in BryantThese incoming doctors were referred to us by a past client who we helped find a home when she moved into town for her fellowship at Children’s Hospital. These two were relocating to Seattle so one could do a residency at Children’s and the other pick up a faculty position at one of our fabulous area hospitals.

They came into town for only 3 days, so time was of the essence. We narrowed in on their most important criteria, proximity to work and schools, and set up a succinct and efficient tour. We also hooked them up with a local lender who could offer them a special Doctor Loan Program, allowing them to close on their new house 60 days BEFORE they started their jobs! This is an awesome program for incoming residents or faculty doctors. This allowed these clients to move into their new home prior to starting work, negating the need for interim housing between when they actually arrived in town and when they would have the two paystubs required by most other conventional loan programs. Neat!

Once we helped them get their financing squared away and we located their dream home during their rapid 3 day visit, they traveled back home to Kansas and we handled the rest from here! Coordinating and completing multiple inspections, bids, meter readings, cleanings, lock rekeying, car delivery, plant delivery and more! We handled every detail allowing them to enjoy their last days in Kansas and not have to travel back here until the big move.

Welcome to Seattle Beryl and Elisha, Children’s and Swedish are lucky to have you two!

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