Desire for Custom Built Home In Seattle Leads to Search for an In-City Lot for New Greenfab Home

LotGreenfab, a developer of pre-fabricated green homes, had clients move into town from New York City looking to build a new home. Having moved to Seattle and not found a home that met their needs, they realized they would need to build their home to get what they were looking for. Through their research and desire for building a green home they located Greenfab. When it was time to find the land for their new home, Greenfab brought us into the process to help the buyers locate a lot or a tear down house here in Seattle.

Looking for a property in Seattle that can accommodate new construction is complicated. The price must of course be right, the lot needs the appropriate width and size, the zoning right, and with this being prefabricated modular construction, the way the power lines are strung near the lot matter when it comes to craning in the modules. So we had our work cut out for us! But we do love a challenge and we set out to find the right lot in the right location for the right price. We searched from Greenwood to Seward Park and everywhere in between. When we located an old house on a lot in the desirable Greenwood neighborhood that was walking distance to all of the great neighborhood amenities we dug a little deeper. The size and dimensions would work. It has alley access which is great for construction access and the zoning required additional parking for the Mother-in-Law unit the buyers hoped to build into their dream home.  That parking could come in off the alley. The zoning was perfect. Now we just had to get the price down. After negotiating that with the Sellers we moved on to confirming the feasibility would work by meeting with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development. Once that was done the buyers were ready to buy the land and get on the fun part, finalizing the home design!

We can’t wait to see your new house when it is complete Bernie and Stefanie!

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