Casual Conversation Turns Into Condo Sale in Capitol Hill

BrixThese friends started off as clients when they purchased their condo in Capitol Hill several years ago and have since outgrown it as they want to start a family. However, they thought they couldn’t sell it because their condo building is in active litigation with its developer regarding warranty issues. This is typical for new construction condos but makes lending difficult while the litigation is in progress. We had dinner one night and they casually mentioned that if we could find them a buyer they would happily sell so they could move on to their next home.

In the course of regular business, we were previewing some other condos for sale in their building for clients and general market knowledge and ran into some buyers with their agent in the lobby. We asked what they were looking for and let them know we had an off market opportunity if it suited them. They were thrilled and we scheduled a showing for the very next day. The buyer loved it; the seller was pleased to not have to put the condo on the market and to get a cash sale with a short close. Because this happened so quickly and they didn’t have a new home to move into yet, we negotiated a post-closing rental for the sellers for no cost to our clients so they could live in their condo for an entire month while looking for their home! It all worked out beautifully and we located them a great new townhome to purchase in Fremont only a block from the zoo. Perfect for that soon to be growing family.

Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys in your new spot Ben and Lindsay!

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