Can you Really Buy for the Same Cost as Renting? Yep!

CondoWe met this client when we leased another client’s rental condominium to him in March of last year. He was impressed with our professionalism and follow up and when he started to think about buying he reached out to see if we could help him.

He contacted us when he began to wonder if buying might cost him the same as renting. We met up and had an in depth buyer consultation. We walked him through the buying process and answered all of his burning questions. Then we set out on the search. The goal: find a condo that would cost him the same as he was currently paying in rent. And the touring began! We saw places in Seattle, Mercer Island and Bellevue. In the end, him wanting to be close to work made us focus our search in Bellevue. When we came across a 2 bedroom condo is a beautiful community with a modern kitchen, vaulted ceilings, a private garage and in the right price point, we submitted a competitive offer to snag it up. After the offer and inspection negotiation, we headed into the financing segment. This can be complicated and sometimes frustrating for buyers but we were there to walk him through every step right into a smooth closing.

Rent: $1400/month
Mortgage (including insurance, taxes and Home Owner Dues): $1472/month
And with the tax right offs, he is definitely coming out ahead!

Way to go on making the transition from renter to owner Andy!

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