Buying Their First House in West Seattle

These buyers were sent in our direction by their friend Jeff Van Nostran, who happens to be a great mortgage lender we respect and refer many of our clients to. They were looking to purchase their first home in West Seattle and wanted to get out and get looking.

Obviously, they came to us with their lending pre-approval squared away with their friend Jeff and we were ready to begin the search. Their needs? A single family home, at least 3 bedrooms, under $550,000 and in a great spot in West Seattle. And an open layout and master suite would be nice too. Perfect, they wanted what everyone one wants!! The search was like that of most buyers in today’s market, full of multiple offers and pre-inspections. After making several offers on homes they liked but both didn’t love, we found one that they were both super excited about. We knew this was it. We found out what was motivating the sellers, which was a post-closing rental while they waited to close on the house they were buying, and we put together an offer we felt was the winner. And we were right! We walked them through the rest of the closing process and got them into the perfect spot.

Enjoy your new house in West Seattle Mark and Melissa!

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