Buying the Wallingford Home They Were Renting

May HoopesThese buyers are friends of ours that were renting a sweet house in Wallingford. When they learned that their landlord was selling the house, they reluctantly found another rental and were preparing to move out when they decided that they wanted to buy the house themselves! And they reached out to us to help them facilitate the purchase.

We were able to negotiate the price of the house by providing compelling comps to the Seller’s agent along with our offer. With the right price nailed down, it was inspection and sewer scope time. With some important items found to be in need of repair, we were also able to negotiate a few necessary repairs as well. With all of that completed, we moved forward to closing. Helping to coordinate signings and down payment wires we got this home closed and now these buyers don’t have to move!

Enjoy home ownership Annie and Amber!

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