A New Baby Means Less Time for Investment Property

BraeburnWe hooked up with these sellers to begin the process of getting their Capitol Hill studio on the market. They were having a new baby and wanted to free up their time by selling their investment property. During the process, they encountered buyers with an interest in purchasing it. So we stepped in to facilitate the sale for both sides without having to list the property on the market. This is a rare situation but in certain cases, it can benefit both parties.

With full transparency we set up a working relationship with both parties and provided them with a comparative market analysis that would allow them to decide on a price together that would work for both sides. They determined their price and we prepared the necessary paperwork along with a schedule of time frames for everyone to follow. The process hit a snag in lending but with our breadth of condo knowledge, we were able to help get the information needed to answer the lenders questions and get the process moving along. Since the buyers were purchasing this as an investment we provided them with information to help them with the leasing of their property as well! The transaction moved right along and closed just in time for the new owners’ first tenant showing!

Good luck with the new investment Peter and Christina and have fun with your new baby Andrew and Natalie!

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