What’s Urban Marco Up To? We’re Knee Deep in the Spring Market

Spring is a lovely time of year, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, and we have been knee deep in the spring market, which is a fun and busy time in our local real estate market.

We’ve been previewing properties from second homes on Vashon to Whidbey to Poulsbo, to single family homes and townhomes from Renton to Broadview to Woodinville, to condos in the heart of downtown. Even though our region still has low inventory, and interest rates are higher than buyer’s like to see, the market is still fast moving and we are here to help guide you through every chapter of your home buying and/or selling story.

If you, or someone you know, are thinking about buying or selling in the PNW as we move into the summer market, we’d love to help you navigate it.

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