Urban Hot Spot – Von Trapp’s

Von TrappsKnowing that our friend Bob is a connoisseur of beer and hearing that a new beer, brats and bocce location was opening in Capitol Hill, we knew we would have to get Bob and his wife Amber on the line to check out this new spot together!

So we headed there on a Thursday night and it was packed! There was even a 45 minutes wait! I suppose that is telling us that this is just the type of place Seattle needed. We sat at a great spot by a roaring fireplace. We tried several different brats and side dishes and they were great! Loved the house made sauerkraut. We also sampled several of their beers and ciders and were pleased.

We didn’t manage to play any bocce ball in, but if you are looking for a casual place with beers, brats and bocce (and it has 3 bars too!) then check out Von Trapp’s for sure! Super great place!


Click here to check out their website.

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