Urban Hot Spot – Tanakasan


TanakasanHaving just been to our HOA meeting to learn about the impending construction that will soon be taking place at our condominium building, we felt that we deserved a nice meal out on the town! We headed out the front door and up the block to Tanakasan to check out this new spot in the Via 6 apartments with our good friends and neighbors.

We lucked out and got a fabulous server! We let her pick out her favorite items on the menu for us to try and it was fabulous! The table shared the Tanaka family fried rice, smoked duck sausage, banana leaf wrapped pork shoulder, chil char squid, beet salad, and a BBQ chicken dish. Everything was great. We were super pleased with the unique food offerings, enjoyed our beverages and were impressed with the service.

Overall, super experience! We will definiltely be back and next time we will try one of the sake slushies!

– Loren

Click here to check out their website.

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