Urban Hot Spot – Rione XIII

Rione XIIILooking for a place to grab some dinner with friends on a Friday night, we thought it was about time that we tried out Ethan Stowell’s newest restaurant, Rione XIII, in Capitol Hill.

We had heard great things about it from some of our colleagues so we headed in to check it out. The service was great and they were able to squeeze us in between some reservations which was really nice. The beverages were delicious, in particular, the boulevardier was a big hit! The appis were great though I didn’t venture out and try the beef tongue…several people did and enjoyed it though! The pasta was divine. Fresh, doughy, and all around amazing. Our table had the Carbonara and the Bucatini Amatriciana.

If you are looking for fresh Italian food and nice cocktails in a cool atmosphere, check out Rione for sure!


Click here to check out their website.

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